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Why You Should Wear a Beard

by Emily | ColonelBeard™ on June 05, 2018

Why you should wear a beard?


Beards are a man's first love and there is no denying that beards look and feel good. Beards are awesome and there is no other way anyone can put it. Sporting a beard and styling it in certain ways will make you the talk of the town. No matter what beard style you sport, it cannot be denied that your facial hair has been in the talks more than once.

Beard growth is one of the action which marks the starting of your facial hair journey. There are a various number of reasons as to why you should flaunt a beard but if you're still hung up on the decision as to why you should wear a beard then you need to go ahead and finish this article.


Trust science to make you feel attractive and confident

Bearded men have much higher chance of attracting women than non-bearded men. Don't trust us but you cannot ignore the science and the science says so. Women find bearded men more suitable for partnership and parenthood. And if this scientific fact does not make you feel confident then nothing else will.


Natural filter and sunscreen

Scientific research also mentions that beard growth plays the role of an active sunscreen and shields your face from harmful UV rays. And they also keep the allergies virus and airborne bacteria away. But of course, you need to keep the beard oil and brush with you to keep your facial hair clean.




Your own unique beard style

Facial hair can change the way you look every day. Trying out new beard styles using beard balm and oil and brush will make you look entirely different on different days. Sport a different to your work on Monday and another unique on Tuesday and keep your colleagues guessing as to how you manage to look cool and confident all the time.


Look young and vibrant

If you're young then you should look and feel like a young person. And beards help you achieve this sensibility. The prevent wrinkles and decrease the risk of skin rashes and allergies thus making you look youthful and full of life. And there should be no second thoughts on why you'll be feeling vibrant throughout your day if you are young.


Keep the beard moisturized and the skin smooth

By preventing ingrown hairs, facial hair makes the skin beneath the beard growth smooth and rash free. Beard oil and balm work their magic but beards in themselves are natural moisture facilitators. They retain the natural oil of the skin and keeps it intact from blowing away in the wind or getting washed away by the water.


Beards complete you

Beards are the best gift God has presented to the man and styling this gift in its own way to look cool and classy is also a present in itself. If you like sporting different stylish looks and making a classy appearance then not having a beard is out of the question. There is no other way to look your best then to keep a beard.


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